Life in Iringa

Andrew and I have lived in Iringa (together) for over a month now, and we are enjoying it immensely. Our weekends are filled with short trips, hiking, birdwatching, and socializing, while the weeknights are for cooking, exercise, reading, and relaxing. Our house is lovely, and the novelty of hot water, electricity, wi-fi and a refrigerator has still not worn off.

Iringa is a small city with a handful of nice restaurants and cafes and a few nice stores that hold treasures such as frozen strawberries, cream cheese, and sausage. It has been so much fun learning my way around the city and figuring out which store has the best this, and which place has the best that. The best part of moving here though has been meeting the many ex-pats who live and work here. There is a diverse crowd of foreigners living here, and it is so enjoyable to get to know people from such a range of different countries.

For now, we are continuing to settle in and enjoy Iringa, but next month, we will venture out of the country again for a bit more exploring. 🙂 In the meantime, enjoy a few pictures from the past month.

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