The Final Month

Well, we made it. Our projects are done, and we have one month left to enjoy life in the village.  The time has dragged and the time has flown. Our time here could be counted by the 10,000 cups of tea we drank or by the 10,000 hours spent reading on the couch, or the by 10,000 hours spent waiting for buses, food, and meetings.

But the best way to measure our time here is by the many friends we made, both with Tanzanians and with other volunteers. I have never experienced friendship the way I have experienced it here. My friendships with Tanzanians are delicate and beautiful, comprised of giving, and giving, and giving each other as much as you can to express your love. My friendships with other volunteers were expedited by our circumstances; we grew close faster than I would have thought possible.

Andrew and I have climbed to 19,341 feet and we have dove to 60 feet below sea level. We took 2 magnificent trips home to the States. We learned a language and an entirely new way of life. We will truly miss being Peace Corps volunteers in Tanzania.

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