Bird-watching with kids

As our time here starts coming to a close, we are primarily focused on finishing our construction projects and on soaking up our remaining time in the village. We recently made some new friends in Moshi who introduced us to bird-watching, a hobby that is perfectly suited to where we live, up in the mountains just outside a forest reserve. We have been hiking almost every day, often taking kids with us as we watch for birds and enjoy the abundant nature around us. The concept of just ‘watching’ birds as opposed to throwing rocks at them is a new one to most kids, but every kid that we have taken with us to watch birds has absolutely loved it.


Me, Happy, and Eliza bird-watching after hiking up above our village.


A view of our village from above.


On a hike to a nearby waterfall with Happy and Junior.


Walking through the cornfields with Bryson and Luka.


Practicing with the binoculars.


Andrew and I on a long hike to the nearby Shengena Peak.


Luka and I looking down at our village.


We hiked up to the source of our village’s water. A beautiful, ice cold mountain stream!


At the top of Shengena Peak.

IMG_5890 IMG_5907 IMG_5962

This next week we will attend our close of service conference in Dar es Salaam, and we will find out the exact date that we are leaving Tanzania! We have mixed emotions about leaving our village, but are looking forward to the next stage of our lives.