Progress at Last!

After months of waiting, our community finally pitched in their portion of what was needed to start our construction projects. HALLELUJAH. Less than a week later, they finished the renovations to the school bathrooms and dug the foundation for the school kitchen. Soon they will begin laying the floor of the kindergarten classroom and building the much needed stairs leading up to it’s doorway. Pictures are coming soon!

My women’s group is also finally making some progress. We recently built a brick beehive and are now waiting for bees to enter. Honey can be an excellent source of income if the hives are well cared for and the honey harvested correctly.


All of this progress has added greatly to our happiness and fulfillment at site. And of course our trip to Pemba Island to get scuba certified added greatly to our happiness as well. 🙂 We went with a fabulous group of friends and enjoyed beautiful views, perfect weather, and an incredible experience learning to scuba dive. We love living here in Tanzania where there are so many amazing things to do!

IMG_5103 IMG_5111