First Taste of Pizza and Burgers

Today we decided to have a little cultural exchange with my counterpart, Monica, her daughter, Happy, and her grandson, Junior. We all happened to be going in to Moshi at the same time, so Andrew and I suggested that we go out to lunch together at an “American” style restaurant. They promptly agreed, so we met today at Kilimanjaro Coffee Lounge, which has a misleading name because they in fact serve all types of food and not just coffee. This is the type of place that a lot of expats and foreign visitors hang out at.

They were excited about ordering hamburgers and pizza and milkshakes because they have heard us and other American visitors reminisce about them so often. My counterpart’s husband has actually spent a month in Arkansas, so they’d also heard him talk about these famous foods on many occasions. So the pressure was on.

They tried milkshakes and were absolutely shocked at how cold they were. Luckily Andrew and I ordered shakes for ourselves first and let them try them, because I don’t think they could have handled a whole milkshake between the three of them. They ended up ordering pineapple juice instead which I think they enjoyed more.

Then came the main courses. Monica ordered fried chicken and fries, Happy and Junior ordered chicken burgers and fries, and we ordered a chicken and pineapple pizza for us all to share. The burgers confused them. The chicken patty wasn’t a form that they recognized and the raw lettuce and tomato were not appealing to them. They both peeled off the cheese, and after trying to eat it like a sandwich, gave up and ate the bread and then the meat. It was hilarious and we all got a good laugh out of their efforts.

Then they all tried the pizza. Though they put on brave faces, I am certain that none of them liked it at all. Cheese is not a common food around here so I think the unfamiliar texture grossed them out. Monica ate a whole piece so I asked her what she thought and, in her typical cheerful honesty, said with a smile, “I don’t like it, I’m just eating it.”

So overall, they did not like the American feast we laid before them, but that was really no surprise. The point was that is was a blast, and now they can join the conversation when we start talking about pizza and hamburgers.

Monica Happy & Junior

He was more excited about the fries than anything else

He was more excited about the fries than anything else

His first bite.. with the burger upside down.

His first bite.. with the burger upside down.

Me & Mon