New Project at the Primary School

The primary school in our village has a distinct feel of incompleteness… probably because of the lack of doors, floors, ceilings, paint, and other such details. Back in September, we sat down with all of the teachers to see what their priorities were for renovations. They were as follows:

  1. Lay a floor in front of the bathroom to prevent sewage seepage
  2. Build steps up to the Kindergarten classroom; there is a two foot drop from the door to the ground, which presents a safety issue for their tiny students
  3. Lay a floor in the Kindergarten classroom and add ceiling boards; the kitchen is right next store and smoke from the cooking seeps into the room
  4. Adding doors to all of the classrooms so that they can lock them each night to prevent theft (which is sadly a normal occurrence)
  5. Painting the school, as well as adding visual aids to the walls to help with science classes

Our community is contributing 26% of the cost of these projects in the form of rocks, sand, gravel, and bricks, all of which they will gather or make themselves. The rest of the funds are left up to us to raise.

I know many people are reluctant to contribute financially to overseas projects because you often don’t know exactly where your money is going. In this case though, every penny contributed comes directly to my bank account here in Tanzania. Every penny. Another benefit of contributing to this project is that you will be able to see the results of your contribution within the year.


Below is a video that shows the “Before” of the project. We so appreciate all of your support!!