One Year in Tanzania

In February 2014, we left our lives in the United States to come live in Tanzania. That was one year ago now, and although my impulse is to say ‘I can’t believe how it has flown by!’, the reality is that we have felt every bit of that year. Homestay felt like a year within itself. In our one year here we have learned a new language, learned how to live life more slowly, how to loosen our schedules and how to savor the ample amount of free time that has been bestowed upon us.

That has really been the bulk of our first year here; learning how to live in this different type of place with a different type of people. We did a few projects, but our most important accomplishment was integrating.

Now that we have ‘integrated’ to a functional and respectable level in our village, things are really about to start happening. Such as:

  • Andrew has been working hard on a really fascinating dairy cow project (more on that later, if I can ever convince him to write about it)
  • We are about to have a water-tank building seminar which will result in two water tanks at the primary school
  • We are having a new kitchen built for the school with wood and smoke reducing cook-stoves
  • We are going to renovate the Kindergarten classroom, which is really just a shell of a building (and you all will get a chance to be involved in this project)
  • I am teaching an art program at the primary school that incorporates life skills (this is a blast and I will hopefully be posting adorable videos very soon of the girls singing)
  • We are going to do a village-wide event to recognize International Women’s Day and to talk about gender equality

We are really excited (and nervous) about all of these projects coming up. Hopefully we will be reporting success stories very soon.

In other news, we took a little vacation to the beautiful island of Zanzibar and had an insanely good time swimming with dolphins, playing with giant turtles, and generally eating far more than any human body should be fed. Doesn’t that tempt you all to come and visit us?? (hint, hint)

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