Pictures from a Week of Parties

We decided to spend the week of Christmas in our village, namely because we were invited to so many parties. We thought that these were Christmas parties that we’d been invited to, but it turns out that for the most part we were celebrating the confirmation of several different kids from the Lutheran church. There was also a party we went to that we literally couldn’t figure out if it was a wedding or a funeral. One lady told me that we were celebrating the marriage of a couple who had just come home, but there were also men building a grave nearby for a man who died a year ago. Very confusing.

Anyway, we ate a ton of pilau and nyama ( the classic party food in Tanzania- spiced rice and meat), we were fed lots of cake (which I baked and brought to the parties, of course), and basically went home with our brains crinkled and worn out from all the Swahili-speaking, everyday from the 21st to the 25th. It was a great week10893458_10203217132419179_398782620_n10884613_10203217141899416_428256897_n 10872169_10203217136219274_1989968753_n 10841631_10203217137579308_1338660381_n 10881416_10203217139019344_104423884_n 10833732_10203217141459405_287557767_n 10877848_10203217114178723_948387779_n 10893599_10203217115378753_422255134_n 10877445_10203217142179423_869968493_n 10899693_10203217135259250_841711352_n10884163_10203217140739387_430544965_o