Community Theater and Our First Safari

I have spent this past week participating in a Community Theater Training in the southern part of Tanzania. The purpose of the training is to learn how to use community theater as a tool to teach and stimulate discussion about HIV/AIDS. The training was pretty good overall, and it was fun to get to explore a different part of the country. At the end of the training we did a performance in front of a college and it went really well- it was actually incredible how effective a couple of skits were in getting people to talk about some very taboo subjects.

Here are a couple of pictures before our performance:

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Since this training took place only 2 hours outside of Ruaha National Park, we figured we had better do a short safari once the training ended. Six of us hired a car and a guide on Monday afternoon and were able to drive around the park for several hours on Monday evening and then most of the day on Tuesday as well.

The safari was absolutely incredible. There were hardly any other people in the enormous park and we saw so many animals up close. Tons of elephants, giraffes, zebras, impalas, mongoose, jackals, hippos, crocodiles, warthogs, baboons, monkeys and many different types of birds. The highlight of the trip was seeing a pride of lions lounging in the sun from about 15 feet away, and then seeing a cheetah who had just eaten an impala and had such a huge stomach that he could hardly get up from the ground.

Thank you Jessica and Chris for taking beautiful pictures of the trip!

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