Projects Underway

Our little house, next to the main road

You all may be curious to know what sort of projects we plan on doing in our village. Here are a few that we are currently planning:

1. Write a grant to provide re-usable sanitary pads for Secondary school girls.

Many girls just skip school while they are menstruating because they have no sanitary way to deal with the issue. The goal of this project is to cut down on girls missing school for this reason, and to empower them with more self-esteem and health education.

2. Provide education and resources to the community Livestock Group

This is primarily Andrew’s project but I come around to the meetings to show that women should be involved also. This group was already established when we moved to our village- a group of 30 people who’s goal is to improve the milk yield from their cows. Andrew plans on bringing in an expert to educate them in this area and to possibly also teach them about artificial insemination in cows.

3. Start a Theater Club at the Secondary School

I am going to a training at the end of this month to learn more about implementing this, but the goal is to give youth a setting in which to discuss difficult topics such as HIV/AIDS, sex, etc.

4. Health Improvements to the Primary School

They need a concrete floor for their bathroom, a better ventilated kitchen area, and a water tank so that kids can wash their hands.

5. A Demonstration Garden

We are working on a small permagarden at our house that we can use as an example of how a small space can be utilized to grow a variety of nutritious foods.

This is where the kids currently wash their hands

Sewage seeping up through the ground at the school bathrooms

There are a few other ideas that we are tossing around right now as well, but I think you get the picture. We are super excited to get these things rolling and to start making some progress in the village.

That’s all I have for now!