Early Service Training

Throughout our Peace Corps service we will go to an Early Service Training, a Mid-Service Training and a Close of Service Conference where all of the volunteers from our class get back together again. Early Service Training always takes place 3 months after moving to one’s site. We just finished our Early Service Training in Morogoro and it was an absolute blast due to the fact that it was more of a reunion for our class than anything else. Our class is comprised of some truly magnificent people- I would love to do a post where I describe each and every one of them but that would probably be boring for my readers.

Anyway, EST was great- each of us brought a Tanzanian counterpart to do the training with us. We were trained on water catchment systems, perma-gardening, budding and grafting, nutrition and more. Our counterparts were very enthusiastic about it all and were very grateful for the opportunity to learn. In fact, Andrew’s counterpart has now been calling him about 5 times a day just to check in…that’s going to have to stop, actually.



So now when we return to our site we will actually stat working to implement some of the things we have learned. Soon I will be posting about projects that we have started in the village.


In other news, I cut off all my hair and I made a little video of our class. It may be one of those things that is only funny to us.. but that’s okay.