A Full and Fulfilling Day

On some days, we don’t have a single thing on our agenda to do (which is a very strange and foreign sensation) and therefore experience alternating feelings of restlessness and laziness and guilt.

But then there are other days, like Saturdays, where the day is full from 8am to 10pm and we go to bed feeling exhausted, but content.

Last Saturday, we started the day by visiting our friend Lazaro in a village about a 30 minute walk up the mountain from us. He wants to start an NGO that will help the community with a number of different challenges. We discussed his ideas while eating roasted peanuts and drinking coffee that was grown and ground in the village, and then he showed us his farm, which basically has the best view in the village.

After leaving Lazaro’s, we headed to Monika’s to teach our group of class of what started as 4 students and now ranges from 10-15. She always serves us tea and cake before we start, which I love because it gives us a chance to chat without the kids. I taught about why it is important to have role models and had the kids draw their role model, write about them, and then present to the class. There were some really sweet presentations, I wish I had filmed them.  Andrew taught about the importance of tress and then took the kids outside to plant a few.


As usual, several of the kids escorted us back to our house and hung out for a while, jumping rope, swinging in the hammock, and causing a general ruckus in our courtyard. They really love to pose for the camera.



We ended the day by going to Babu Fanwell’s house (our village grandpa) and eating dinner with his family. Dinner is really hit or miss over there- sometimes it is ugali and dagaa (corn mush with little fish) which is my least favorite meal in Tanzania- no, in the world- but then sometimes it is rice and beans, avocado and oranges- my favorite meal in the village. That night we ate rice and beans.

Then, as usual, Andrew and I returned home to eat popcorn and watch two episodes of Seinfeld on Andrew’s tablet.

All in all, an excellent day and a reminder of why we wanted to come here in the first place; so that we could go to bed feeling fulfilled.