Piga stori!

Our first 10 days at site were liberating. We woke up when we wanted, cooked what we wanted, and pretty much did whatever we wanted to all day. We have already met so many great people in our village that we know we will have a close relationship with and our Swahili is progressing well. Andrew has a couple of good stories to share:

Story #1: A Sticky Situation

Our friend Luka came over to take me to a soccer game – he’s 9 years old. We invited him in to see our house and something caught his eye, so we gifted it to him. A pack of sticky notes, a harmless gift for a nine year old. Or so we thought.

Later while walking to the soccer field, Luka asked me for my phone number. Thinking nothing of it I gave it to him, and he wrote it on a sticky note. Then, he copied it to every sticky note he had and handed them out as we walked down the road. And that’s how everyone got my phone number.

Story #2: Zawadi

We’ve been given a few gifts thus far:

  • Two sticks of sugar cane – we’re going to need dental work for sure
  • Six eggs – we went home and immediately ate these
  • A pumpkin – purchased for us by an anonymous friend at a church auction
  • Two chunks of magimbi – pictured at the bottom
  • Forty-ish onions – the same day we bought like twenty onions at the market
  • Six carrots – the best carrots I’ve ever had actually
  • Countless cups of tea and coffee and bananas and beans and rice and ugali and avocados, na kadhalika

Here Andrew presents the first time we lit our jiko- we hadn’t bought kerosene yet at this point so it took quite a while to get going!

Me, Erin, and Meredith hanging out in Same.

Exploring our site- it is beautiful!

Andrew making tortillas one cold morning.

Our first night in our house- eating dinner on the bed because it was our only piece of furniture.

Some peanut butter bread that we managed to make on our charcoal stove. It was delicious.

One of the many strange gifts we have received since moving to our village. This is called Magimbi and is some type of root that you peel, cut up, boil and then fry. Haven’t tried it yet but we will soon!