Swearing In

It finally happened- last Thursday Andrew and I swore in as official Peace Corps Volunteers. We are no longer ‘trainees’ and we move to our village tomorrow morning. We have spent the past few days in Same gathering supplies for our house such as pots, pans, a machete, a mattress, and essential things like that.

Our swearing in ceremony was a big event- it took place at the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam and was attended by many important people. Several speeches were given, we sang the national anthem, and then our group performed a medley we created composed of American songs but Swahili words. It was great and the Tanzanians loved it. Then we took our oaths, which was very exciting and a little emotional. Training was tough, so it felt really good to finally cross over and become a volunteer.

We are having an amazing time here. We have made so many friends and have learned SO much in such a small amount of time. We were sad to leave our group but are very excited to start learning about our village and forming relationships with the villagers. It is going to be a challenge, but we are ready!