Our Itinerary

This whole ‘moving to Africa’ thing is starting to get pretty real! We worked our last day at our jobs on January 3 and we have started to sell some of our belongings. Yesterday we finally received information about staging (orientation) that takes place in Philadelphia before we leave the country. We now know our flight times from leaving OKC all the way to arrival in Dar es Salaam.

Saturday, Feb 8:

  • 9:25 am    Depart OKC
  • 3:35 pm    Arrive in Philadephia

Sunday, Feb 9:

  • 12:00 pm  Registration
  • 2:00 pm    Orientation
  • 7:00 pm     Go eat our last non-airport meal in the U.S.

Monday, Feb 10:

  • 2:00 am     Check out of our hotel
  • 2:30 am      Board bus to JFK
  • 10:40 am    Depart JFK

Tuesday, Feb 11:

  • 8:25 am     Arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • 2:15 pm     Depart Johannesburg
  • 6:45 pm     Arrive in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania!

Now we are just soaking up all the time we spend with friends and family before we go. We are incredibly excited!!