We are moving…


Yes, it’s true. Andrew and I have accepted our invitation to serve in the Peace Corps… in Tanzania, Africa. We leave on February 10th, which is less than 2 months from now. What?!

When we first applied for the Peace Corps, our hearts were set on serving in a Spanish speaking country because we so desperately wanted to be fluent in Spanish and were just enamored with the places we’ve traveled to and the people we’ve met in Latin/South America.

So when we learned that we would likely be placed in Africa because of our combined skill sets, I’ll admit, we were at first a tiny bit disappointed. But when we actually received our assignment for Tanzania, the excitement began to set in. We are moving to Tanzania, as in, the country that houses part of the Serengeti. That holds Mount Kilimanjaro. Where the Ngorogoro Crater is, the “Eden” of Africa. Wowza.


And there is something exhilarating about moving somewhere so COMPLETELY out of our comfort zone, so COMPLETELY foreign. In South America, we would have had a nice head start on the language, we would have been somewhat familiar with the customs and lifestyles. But in Africa… in Africa we will know nothing.

It is scary, it is daunting, but it is also incredibly exciting.

What will we be doing in Tanzania, you ask? I can hardly comprehend the answer to that question.

Andrew will be utilizing his shiny new Master’s degree to assist and educate in Agriculture and Food Security, which could involve anything from spending time with farmers, teaching people about growing home gardens, experimenting with fisheries, and more. We won’t know our exact assignments until after our first 12 weeks of training in Tanzania.

I (Audrey) will be working in Health Education. This means teaching about Malaria prevention, HIV prevention, water and food sanitation, nutrition, and hygiene in general. I could be teaching these things through any number of avenues; by pairing with a local clinic, by speaking at schools, or through community events. The possibilities are endless!

In the meantime, we are finishing up at our jobs, trying to sell our house, and trying to gather things we think we might need for a 27 month stay in Tanzania. Also, attempting to learn some Swahili. Pretty surreal.


If you’re interested, here is our Peace Corps Timeline.